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The Intimate Touch is a 19 minute drama, written and directed by Michael Støen and Ariel McMillion.

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At a scenic seaside restaurant, Ingrid and Adnan are meeting for dinner. Ingrid is a reporter and activist with deeply feminist values, and a heart full of the pain of others. Adnan – a teacher and asylum-seeker – has a great sense of fun about him, and is also devoutly Islamist in his manner and worldview.

The formal purpose of their meeting is to discuss an article Ingrid is writing about a recent terrorist attack with connections to Adnan’s asylum center. But what’s really on their minds is the intense attraction they felt last week when they first met, despite a clash over his religious refusal to shake her hand – something she experienced as sexist, but which for him was an expression of respect.

Tonight is a chance, under the cover of a professional encounter, to fan the delicate ember of their attraction. After all, what’s to prevent them from building a future together, apart from their own convictions.

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